3 Houndstooth Tie Designs to Consider

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When you shop for a new tie on a website that carries an extensive assortment of handmade ties, you shouldn't be surprised to see several options that feature a houndstooth design. This pattern of unique shapes is popular in ties, garments, and many other textiles. A houndstooth tie is a classic-looking fashion accessory that can work well in all sorts of applications, including summer garden parties, corporate functions, and many occasions in between. Here are three houndstooth tie designs that you may wish to buy. 


If you favor a simple, timeless look, you'll want to buy a houndstooth tie that has a standard appearance. Generally, this means that the pattern will appear in black and white, which can effectively complement many different suits. If you don't want something as stark as a black and white houndstooth design, you might consider something a little different. For example, gray and white may be appealing to you. You'll also find other color combinations in the houndstooth pattern, so consider what hues you enjoy and see if you can find the appropriate look.


You can also expect to see ties that combine a houndstooth pattern with a plaid design. These ties are available in all sorts of different styles. Typically, they'll have a standard houndstooth design, but with additional subtle lines that give them a plaid-like appearance. The plaid look won't be as pronounced as a standard plaid tie, which may be favorable to you. These ties can be more colorful than standard houndstooth ties. For instance, they'll have two colors for the houndstooth pattern and other colors to create the plaid look. The result can be a tie that stands out more than a standard houndstooth design.


When you look at most houndstooth ties, you'll see that the shapes that make up the pattern are small. It's only when you bring the tie toward your face that you're really able to make out the exact shapes on the garment. While this design is popular, you may also see houndstooth ties that are made up of larger shapes. The result can be a bolder look that stands out more — which may be something that appeals to you if you're presenting to a group at work or otherwise expect to find yourself in front of a crowd. Look for these and other houndstooth tie designs when you visit a website that specializes in handmade ties for sale.