Half-Zip Sweaters: Why They're A Must-Have In Your Wardrobe

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Your goal with your wardrobe is to fill your closet with pieces that serve many purposes. Your shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories should be versatile so you can change them up from day to night or the office to casual wear.

This isn't as easy as it sounds, though, and not all pieces work well in the office and out on the street. You have to be choosy when making your wardrobe versatile, and you want to pick pieces that can create multiple outfits. Half-zip sweaters should meet your list of things you need when creating the perfect wardrobe; here are reasons why half-zip sweaters are a must-have in your wardrobe.

Half-zip sweaters are great layer pieces

Consider a navy half-zip sweater to really make your wardrobe pop while having a bright and commanding color in your wardrobe. Half-zip sweaters make great layering pieces because you can zip them all the way up for professional appeal or leave the zipper down to show a striped or bold-print shirt underneath.

Roll the cuff of your navy half-zip sweater up to reveal a longer sleeve underneath for a contrast in texture and to make your outfit more casual in its appeal. Roll the half-zip sweater sleeve back down for attire that is appropriate for the office.

Half-zip sweaters are a twist on traditional winter wear

If you don't want the commitment of a bulky sweater that's difficult to wear in the office and uncomfortable and too hot indoors, consider half-zip sweaters instead of going the traditional route. You can choose to wear nothing underneath a navy half-zip sweater or other bold color sweater for a daring and contemporary appeal, or you can wear a light and basic t shirt underneath a navy wool half-zip sweater so you're warm and cozy without showing too much chest.

Navy is a wise choice for a sweater because navy is the color of authority, confidence, and stability. It's a power color that is similar to black without being so dark. If you want more sweater pieces in your wardrobe, consider hunter green, eggplant, maroon, or even burnt orange to spice up your attire while keeping all your pieces office- and casual-appropriate.

Care for your half-zip sweaters as recommended on their tags, folding them instead of hanging them to keep their shape longer. If you wash darker sweaters with like clothing, they can keep their shape and color longer.