Designs That You'll Find When You Shop For A Pineapple Tie

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Whether you enjoy the look and taste of pineapples or you're simply keen on finding garments and accessories that bring a smile to peoples' faces, you might have recently decided that you want to buy a pineapple print tie. This is a unique accessory that you can find at shops that specialize in high-end men's apparel. If you visit a shop that is known for its wide selection of ties, you may have the fortune of finding several types of pineapple tie. Here are three designs that you may come across while you shop.

Subtle Pineapple Print

While you might like the idea of wearing a tie with pineapple images on it, you may also like the idea of the pineapples not standing out too much. When you come across this design, you'll often notice that it has muted colors. For example, the tie might be navy blue, and the pineapples that appear on it might be white or gray. This can be a fun look because people may look at you when you're wearing the tie and it could take them a moment to realize the tropical theme of the design. The pineapples may also be small—perhaps just the size of your fingernail—which can further support the subtle theme.

Vibrant Pineapple Print

If a subtle design isn't your thing, you'll likely gravitate toward a tie that has a vibrant pineapple theme. Depending on where you shop, you may have a few choices that fit into this category. For example, instead of the pineapples being small, they may be so large that only a few of them fit on the tie. This is a look that people will easily notice from across the room, which may be something that you're going for. Some vibrant pineapple ties also use bright, tropical-inspired colors, such as neon yellow pineapples on a bright turquoise background.

Mixed Fruits Print

Though pineapples are the central themes of each of the above ties, you can occasionally come across tie designs in which the pineapple shares space with other fruits. For example, you might find a tie that has small or medium-sized images of a wide range of fruits, including pineapples. This can be a fun design for a number of reasons, and you may favor it if you have small children. For example, when you wear the tie with your child, you can ask them to identify each of the fruits by name. 

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